Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Adbux, You mean pennies are actually worth something?

Today I have decided to share my opinion with you on Adbux, a website in a category that I haven't discussed yet, called paid to click.

Paid to what? Paid to click, or PTC websites as they are called, offer a user a minuscule amount of money to click on a paid link to an advertiser's website, stay on that site for a certain amount of time, without opening up multiple links at a time. Thus, paid to click.

What about Adbux? Adbux is very similar to the basic model of PTC sites, but there are several things I like about it:

1) Clean website design, easy to navigate.
2) Low Payout: $10 by Paypal.
3) Decent pay: $0.01 per click.
4) 100% referral earnings! Everytime your referral clicks a link, you and they each get $0.01 .

Not too shabby I'd say. It appears that Adbux is pretty legitimate, as the news section is full of the sitemaster complaining about how much he has to pay people. Quiet dipshit, you're making a killing. He claims that one member is making over $70 per day. Wow, I'd like to meet this guy. Does he have his referral link tattooed to his forehead? To be serious, he probably just has a high traffic site, but still! Wow, that's over $2000 a month if his referrals don't get bored! If I were him I wouldn't even click the stupid links anymore.

Anyway, I am in the process of an advertising experiment having to do with my Adbux referral link, and I'll update you guys on that in about a week's time!

My verdict on Adbux:

GOLD STAR!!! Aren't you proud? JOIN NOW!


Anonymous said...

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Voll said...

If you are clicking master check this site

Voll said...

If you are clicking master check this site

Anonymous said...

I tried ADBUX today for advertising. It appears they are RUBBISH and here's why.

They claim each ad will be shown for a minimum of 30 seconds.

I paid for 2,500 clicks - I actually got just over 1,300 clicks.

of those clicks, just 15% of those were longer than 30 seconds.

i.e. I paid for 2,500 clicks to show my ads for 30+ seconds and actually got about 200.

That means ADBUX will only give you about 10% of what you pay for. STEER CLEAR.

Anonymous said...

Adbux is a scam. They finally admitted it is owned by Chad French after they were shown their own Florida business record. Adbux Scam

Anonymous said...

Hi just join adbux it is not a scam

Dragan said...


Not only can you get a rapidshare account but you can earn cash to buy other things.
This process can get a bit tedious but its worth it in the end so give it a go

Just follow these simple steps

First of all you need Firefox for this to work.

1)Skip this step if u already own a paypal account
Go to and sign up
Create a paypal premier account (this is for free)

When asked to give credit card details click on CANCEL

Go to
And register.
Please leave name jedra as your referral in your registration. By doing that you will give me points.
If you leave textbox REFERRAL empty, then after you register will sell your account to someone other who pays.
So basically you will either way end up as someones referral. Mine or someone else's. Therefore please leave name "jedra" as referral.
You'll be paid just to click on their ads.
The more you click the more you earn.

How You Make Money
You make money by simply visiting websites for at least 30 seconds/visit. They will pay you $0.01 for each website you visit and $0.01 for each website your referrals visit. The best part is you can have an unlimited amount of referrals! To keep Bux from getting top-heavy you will only earn money from those that you directly refer. This gives everyone who participates in the program a fair advantage to earn the most amount of money because you have the potential to earn more than your sponsor! Payments are issued via PayPal on a daily basis but you must request for a payment to be processed. Once requested, your payment will be issued within 24-48 hours (usually sooner). You must earn at least $10 to receive payment.

3)Make it automatic (basically, leave Firefox open, and you'll make money :D)

Install those 2 Addons
(GreaseMonkey and ReloadEvery)

4)Now, go to

Right Click Any where on the page > ReloadEvery > Enable
Right Click Again > ReloadEvery > Custom
Set it to 1minute and 30Seconds. (This means every 1minute and 30 seconds the page will refresh)

5)Next, Install this file (go to the following url in FireFox) (Greasemonkey will ask you to install the file, click 'Install')

6)Now, go back to, and leave the page open 24/7 and every 1minute and 30seconds the page will refresh, and if a new ad appears, you will automatically click it.


7) Use the money to pay for your rapidshare accounts ;), or something else

Nostrum said...

Hi, I just wanted to recommend you new great PTC site. You will get approximately 30 cents per day (without bonuses from referrals), because of huge ammount of ads available. These are mostly worth of $0,02 or $0,01. You can multiply your earning by referring the program - you'll get 40% of your referral earnings. With $2 payout you can easily get your money in a few days!

This site is not scam! I got paid and payment proofs can also be found in "payout list" section.

Another things you can be paid to: reading emails and signups at websites.

1 click: $0,02 or $0,01
1 click of ref.: $0,008 or $0,004 (40%)
Duration: 20 or 10 seconds
Supports: PayPal, E-Gold, MoneyBookers
Cashout at: $2
Number of ads: 20 to 30

You click 20 ads per day = $0.30
20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.40
Your daily earnings = $2.70
Your weekly earnings = $18.90
Your monthly earnings = $81.00

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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