Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Instant Buzz-- More Like Instant Nothing

InstantBuzz advertises the following on their site:

"Instant Buzz - Drops a Metric Ton of Traffic on Your Web Site"

Cool beans! It's free, and it drops METRIC TONS of traffic on my site. "Man, I better try this!" I figure, so off I go signing up! InstantBuzz works by using an ad bar on your browser (both IE and Firefox are supported) that changes advertisements every time you go to a new web page. Sounds good. What they don't tell you before you sign up is that you have to visit 20 pages to get your one line of text advertising shown once!

The bar is not that large or obtrusive, it is below, as seen on Internet Explorer.

Not bad, not bad. So, I surf for about a month and a half with the thing after making a generic advertisement like "Make Money Surfing the Web With Agloco!" or whatever. I am sure that if I find some other way to make a catchy advertisement then I'd get a few more clicks, but according to InstantBuzz thousands of people would be seeing this! I was about to rake in the traffic to my Agloco referral URL! I check my Agloco referrals page, and WOAH, I have gotten... no new referrals. Excellent, sounded too good to be true. Now to check up on my stats for my advertisement after working hard surfing for a month.

Oh boy. Out of 1700 people who looked at this, NONE clicked on my ad? I guess everyone else has just been trained to ignore the little bar on their screen, just like I have. Is InstantBuzz an honest service? Yes, I absolutely believe that it is. Is there a potential to get a lot of traffic from it? Yes, if you make a better advertisement, buy their premium membership so you can add colors to your ads, and refer a gajillion people to get extra ad impressions, I guess. But for someone trying to break into the business of INTERNET RICHES, I would not recommend this.

My Rating of InstantBuzz is as follows:

Crying Baby. Maybe I was a little generous...